Management Consultancy
We offer practice-proven solutions.

Dolling + Partners is an independent and nationally active management consulting company.

We develop professional and comprehensive solutions to meet all challenges and problems faced by our clients.


Our competence reflects the experience of our partners and consultants. They all have a tremendous amount of know-how from their former responsible positions in banks, holding companies and private equity companies, and their entrepreneurial experience enables them to add value to businesses of all kinds.

In order to attain a sustainable improvement of the initial situation and to promote digitisation within the company, it is essential to develop a long-term strategy. We will help you to establish or adapt the key elements necessary for your success.
Marketing is a concept which includes the entire, market-orientated leadership of a company. Its purpose is to satisfy the clients’ needs and expectations, as well as those of any other party involved.
The financing of a company/business model is an important component for a successful development for every company. We provide support in raising equity capital, in finding partners for debt financing and in obtaining subsidies.
The successful setup, a healthy growth, and the sustainable protection of companies need a professional approach and sustainable measures to guarantee a sufficient liquidity and debt service capacity. We have the well-founded experience in the banking and investment business to know very well the complexity of proper aims.
Succession plans pose complex and difficult situations for any company. Especially in entrepreneurial families the successive questions which have to be answered often result in conflicts and tensions.

If desired, we support our clients in filling management positions as well as in the search for qualified employees (in cooperation with other multipliers) – our focus is on the realization of quick solutions. We also offer coaching for specialists and executives and fill interim management positions at the client’s site.
However, in the period of crisis it is essential to react quickly. The overall goal is the fast restoration of competitiveness and the confidence of the investors, the employees, and all other business partners.
In order to advance the digitization in your company, a long-term and goal-oriented strategy is necessary. This will ensure the competitiveness and long-term improvement of your company’s business processes.

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